Stress Management Clinic


Teaching our bodies how to manage stress in the present moment is a strength we can take with us to any other moment. Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, & breathwork are all ways to engage our relaxation responses & turn our stress responses down- helping us get to a calm & connected space.


We are wired such that our well-being depends on our connections with others. Our need to connect is as fundamental as our need for food & water. So much so the CDC has identified safe, stable relationships as the number one protective factor against toxic stress.


We are a society filled with feelings of “not good enough.” Self compassion allows us to embrace our humanness- extending compassion to one’s self in instances of vulnerability, perceived inadequacy, or general suffering.


Being in nature lowers stress & fear in our body, reduces brain fatigue, & improves focus & attention. Join us for our Yoga Hikes and Guided Nature Walks where we connect with nature, ourselves, & each other.


Our bodies crave sugars & fats during times of stress as quick energy for our body’s mis-perceived need to run or fight. Our Licensed Dietitian addresses common questions about food myths & media misinformation, fueling our bodies with high value foods for a balanced nervous system, & provides an encouraging environment in our relationship with food.


Regular exercise helps reduce stress hormones providing immediate benefits to your health and long-term protection from chronic diseases. Our center is home to the HEAT Up Topeka exercise program and also offers a variety of specialized movement opportunities.


Our bodies need quality sleep to rest & repair from the stress & activity of the day. Without adequate sleep, stress compounds and our body systems start to wear down. Our sleep expert addresses common sleep problems & offers strategies to improve overall sleep health.


Stress management assessments & health coaching is available to enhance your wellness journey. We use seven key strategies as our guide for balancing the nervous system & supporting your individualized health & wellness goals.


Book your next family, company, or group outing with our team at Florence Crittenton. We will create a retreat with your individual interests and budget in mind. Imagine starting with a yoga hike, learning some new tools to balance your stress, enjoying a delicious meal hand selected by our in-house dietitian, and enjoying some connection time with your group.

Service Fees

  • $15 Group Service without Punch Card
  • $50 Punch Card for 5 Group Services
  • $100 Punch Card for 10 Group Services: Includes a Stress Management Assessment
  • $50 Stress Management Assessment
  • $50 Individual Stress Mgmt. Service: (Nutrition Counseling, Sleep Health, Yoga, etc.)


Stress is a necessary part of our lives and can have both beneficial and negative effects. Finding a balance in our lives and managing our stress can be a challenge. An important first step is recognizing the degree to which we are affected by the stress in our lives and then move toward strategies to make it better. Meet with one of our trained clinicians to conduct a stress management assessment and develop an individualized balance plan.


Come to our balance group to be accountable to what needs work AND what IS working. Have fun, laugh, and get some creative coaching for how to continue down your path of wellness. We will use the seven areas for balancing the nervous system as our guide.


Supporting mental health is a key component in any stress management plan. Our team of clinicians are available to serve a variety of mental health needs through individual therapy, family therapy, and medication management services. LEARN MORE HERE


Move your body and breathe with our yoga classes. This yoga is slow and gentle and infused with equal amounts of breath work that will engage your relaxation response and leave you feeling restored. A good antidote to the stress of daily living for everyBODY!


Eat Well -A weekly inclusive, fun, and educational group led by resident dietitian, Rachel Werling. Where we address common questions about food myths and media misinformation, learn about fueling our bodies adequately, and facilitate a supportive and encouraging environment to thrive in our relationship with food. Full of nourishment for the mind and body, this group includes education, hands on activities, and cognitive behavioral skill development. Every person is welcome. Individual nutrition counseling is also available to meet your individualized needs. LEARN MORE HERE


Sleep problems negatively impact our mood, performance, focus, and immune response. This group will talk about common sleep problems and strategies to improve overall sleep health.


Murray Heikes leads our mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) group that focuses on helping people connect with their present moment experiences through breath and walking meditations, body scanning, and sensory awareness exercises. In this group, you will learn various methods of stimulating and refreshing your life by having a chance to connect and appreciate your experiences.


Join us as we connect with our minds, bodies, nature and each other navigating paths, woods, and prairie at the Governor’s trails. By the end of this hour, you will have completed roughly 2 miles of walking and 20 minutes of yoga/mindfulness/meditation. These fun and mildly challenging hikes hit on multiple strategies for engaging the parasympathetic nervous system including movement, nature, connection, yoga and mindfulness. A power packed dose of stress reduction and laughter all in one!


In our Self-Compassion group, we will explore concepts around self-compassion, share challenges, learn skills, and build a community of kindness to facilitate personal growth.


Be Resilient: Resilience in the face of grief and loss. This group will support participants to search for meaning and purpose in their life without the presence of their loved one.


It is easy within the stress of our day to day lives to feel overwhelmed and begin longing for a future that offers more. However, research has demonstrated that the key to having a better future is immersing in the present. Practicing Gratitude can make the present moment more tolerable and enjoyable. When we express gratitude our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, which creates a feeling of happiness and contentment inside our bodies. In addition, practicing gratitude has been shown to improve sleep quality, enhance relationships, reduce loneliness, boost the immune system, improve heart health and increase overall happiness. This series will teach strategies for quieting the mind, retraining our brains to notice when something good happens, and taking time to genuinely engage in heartfelt appreciation for what we have in the here and now.