Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a one time or ongoing volunteer opportunity, Florence Crittenton has something for everyone.

We also have projects for community groups or work groups looking for volunteer projects. We would be happy to tailor a project to fit with the size and preferences of your group.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Picking Up Food Donations
  • Landscape Beautification
  • Handyman/Handywoman Tasks
  • Housekeeping
  • Painting Projects
  • Mentoring
  • Board Service
  • Front Desk Lunch/Vacation Coverage
Some of our most valued volunteers are those who have talents and skillsets outside the scope of our staff team. A great example of this is Bob Fincham who has used his skills as an architect to support and further our mission and programs.

I joined the Florence Crittenton Board of Directors in February 2018. As a retired architect, I have been involved in several projects including advising on several potential interior remodeling projects, a review of the existing parking layout at the main building and a review of the new office building on SW 7th Street.  



From August of 2018 until February of 2020,
• Worked the Business Development Director, by providing a project description, plan and
cost information, to obtain grants and other donations. A large grant was received from
the Sunderland Foundation in the amount of $75,000.
• Worked with the Architect and Engineer to provide drawings and specifications and
obtain a building permit.
• Donated my time, overhead and profit serving as the General Contractor during

The final project was a major effort by multiple consultants, contractors, Board members and the
Florence Crittenton CEO and staff. The existing cabinetry and appliances were donated to
Restore. Demolition labor of the cabinetry and appliances was donated by a Home Depot crew.
Interim meals were donated by USD 501 during construction. Grants were received from the
Sunderland Foundation and Capital Federal Savings.