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May 17 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

This will be an inclusive, fun, and educational group led by resident dietitian, Rachel Werling. Where we address common questions about food myths and media misinformation, learn about fueling our bodies adequately, and facilitate a supportive and encouraging environment to thrive in our relationship with food. Full of nourishment for the mind and body, this group includes education, hands on activities, and cognitive behavioral skill development. Every person is welcome.

Eat Well Group with Rachel; May 17

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Welcome to Florence Crittenton’s Center for Integrative Health.

We are honored to walk along-side you in your efforts to reduce the impact of stress upon your overall health and wellness.

It is our sincerest wish that our services and guidance are of benefit to you. Please read this document carefully and raise any questions and concerns that you have before signing it.

Nothing is without risk and effectively metabolizing stress in the body is no exception. Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, education, training, and other strategies in our Stress Management Clinic are not considered therapy or substitutes for medical or mental health treatment. If you are working with a health professional, you are encouraged to speak with them about the advisability of incorporating stress reduction strategies before engaging in any services with Florence Crittenton’s Stress Management Clinic.

Although stress management can be a helpful complement to treatment, these strategies can also lead to an awareness of unpleasant thoughts, intense emotions, or uncomfortable body sensations. If you find yourself struggling with your experience at any time, you should discontinue the strategy, do what you need to care for yourself, and ask your leader for support. If you continue to experience ongoing distress, please talk with your leader about assistance with a referral for mental health services or coordination with your current provider.

Yoga/mindful movement, and other physical forms of physical activity may not be safe under certain medical conditions. You are encouraged to verify with your health provider that your health and physical condition (including pregnancy or post pregnancy) will allow you to safely participate in your activities within the Center for Integrative Health. Above all else, you are encouraged to listen to and honor your body. If you experience any pain or discomfort during a meeting, you should immediately discontinue the activity and ask your leader for support. If you continue to experience ongoing discomfort, please talk with your current physical health provider.

In general, information shared during stress management classes is not considered to be Protected Health Information and we cannot ensure confidentiality is maintained. Your leader will discuss any specific requested rules for privacy at the start of each session.

*I affirm that I alone am responsible to decide whether to practice recommended stress management activities and that participation in the Center for Integrative Health events and activities is voluntary and at my own risk. I hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that I have now or may have hereafter against Florence Crittenton, its guides, and the facilities in which we meet. I expressly agree that this release shall be binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns. By signing this Waiver and Release of Liability, I acknowledge that I have read it in full and understand all of its terms. I execute it voluntarily with full knowledge of its significance.


May 17
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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