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Although Florence Crittenton Services was founded in 1896 and has had a presence in Topeka since 1900, most people in Kansas have never heard of it.

“I think Florence Crittenton is a hidden gem,” says CEO, Dana Schoffelman. “Our biggest challenge is getting people to know we’re a resource in the community.” She also believes there is some misinformation out there about who it helps.

When the nonprofit agency was founded by Charles Crittenton and named after his late daughter, Florence, its mission was to provide a place for sick and indigent women, and act as a daycare provider for working women. It later evolved into a home for unwed mothers and their adoptive babies.

“That’s really not what society needs from us anymore, so several years ago we pivoted our mission to the mental health needs of our community,” says Dana.

Today, Florence Crittenton has 25 locations across the country and serves a diverse population. “In our inpatient program and our psychiatric inpatient program, we predominantly serve ages 13 to 18,” says Jolee Eckert, director of clinical services. “In our outpatient program, we serve all ages and genders.”