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Thank You for considering service on the Florence Crittenton Board of Directors
Florence Crittenton of Topeka seeks applications from persons interested in serving on the Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of 10 to 20 community volunteers from diverse backgrounds and talents. New board members are accepted twice a year (February and August), serve a three year term, and may renew for an additional three year term.

A diverse Board membership is highly valued. While commitment to the mission of empowering families through a continuum of behavioral health services should be core to any Board member, this does not mean one must have experience in behavioral health services. Talents related to areas such as financial planning, fundraising, event management, marketing, strategic planning, legal, public policy, advocacy, facilities, and technology are highly valued.  

In addition to talent, Board members are expected to commit time by attending monthly board meetings (10 per year), serve on at least one committee, and participate in other Florence Crittenton events or activities. Board members are also expected to make an annual financial contribution.

Applications are due by January 10th and July 10th of each year for consideration.  

As you contemplate board service, here are some helpful questions to consider.
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