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HEAT Up Topeka
Support our GoFundMe campaign to keep this vital program available in our community.  

The Heat is a free community wellness program designed to Heat Up Topeka.  Participants of The Heat are offered education, hands on experiences, and access to direct support on their wellness journey.

Dana Schoffelman is our Wellness Program Coordinator.  For more information about The Heat or other wellness opportunities, please contact Dana Schoffelman at 785–233–0516 and she will be happy to assist you.  

Frquently Asked Questions:

Can I just drop in or do I need to sign up?
The HEAT is a drop in program that is designed to fit your schedule.  This is not a membership program and there is no need to sign up.  The only thing we ask is that you complete a liability waiver and a one page survey on your first visit.  The survey information is used to track outcomes for our funding sources.

Is the program really free?
Yes.  The HEAT Up Topeka program is funded through grants and community sponsors.

What should I bring?
Wear clothing that will be comfortable for exercise and supportive shoes.  There is a water fountain, but participants have found it easier to stay hydrated if they bring a water bottle.  For yoga classes it is recommended to bring your own yoga mat, but there are extras available at the class.  

Are the classes intimidating?
The participants of The HEAT are very welcoming and friendly.  There is no competition in the classes and participants are encouraged to exercise at their own pace and make accomodations as needed. Each participant is encouraged to do their personal best as part of their individual wellness journey.

What should I expect on my first visit?
When you arrive at the class, there will be someone to greet you at our check–in table.  This is where attendance is taken and you will be asked to complete a liability waiver and a one page survey.  Participants will welcome you and instructors will walk you through the class and encourage you to participate at your own pace.  

How many people participate in the classes?
In the first quarter of 2013, 300 people participated in The HEAT at some level.  On average, our classes have anywhere from 15 to 40 participants.  

Do both men and women attend The HEAT?
Yes.  Men and women of all ages and all body types.

Why is Florence Crittenton involved in a community wellness program?
The staff at Florence Crittenton have a passion for the mind and body connection.  We understand that physical health and mental/emotional health are interconnected and in order to make changes in one area, you must address both.  

One participant’s story:
I am someone who has struggled with diet and exercise my entire life.  I was blessed to hear about The Heat workout group from a friend in July 2012, and the classes have been positively impacting my health and my life in many ways ever since.  What my friend told me was everything that I needed to hear that  the class(es) were free, that the instructor(s) actually made working out enjoyable, that our manner of exercising (our workout theme) would be different every week, that the instructor(s) treated us like family, and most importantly, that people of all ages, sizes and abilities participated in this class. This is what attracted me to the program.

This opportunity came at a time when I needed it most.  In terms of my health, I had just delivered my second baby two months prior to learning about The Heat program.  With this pregnancy, I had gestational diabetes, which puts me at a greater risk for developing Type II diabetes in the next 5–10 years.  In addition, the high blood pressure that I experienced at the end of my pregnancy did not recover on its own, so I was taking a high blood pressure medication as well when I started the program.  Within six months of attending two or three workouts each week, I was off of blood pressure medication and my blood pressure has been under control ever since.  I am also happy to report that my fasting glucose levels have been within the normal range as well.  With the additional workout classes that have been added since I began the program, I am now working out 4 to 5 times each week and have lost 30 pounds.  I have kept the weight off as well, and I attribute this almost exclusively to the workout program.

In addition to the health benefits, I have received many other tangible benefits from The Heat program that are harder for me to put into words.  I look forward to attending classes and to seeing my workout family every week. I often leave class with a smile on my face and I truly enjoy working out now, which is feat that I never thought possible. And, I am amazed at how easily these classes have become a priority in my life.  Because the workouts are so diverse and fun, it did not feel like it took any effort on my part to commit to working out 4 to 5 times per week, and to me, that is a true testament to The Heat program. It is the right combination of fun, fitness, family, and opportunity.  I truly appreciate the free childcare that is offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well.  I do not always need to use it, but when I do, I am so grateful for it.

Submitted by
Melissa DeDonder
35 year old mother of two

Stress Management Clinic Class Schedules:
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