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Emergency Shelter
An Emergency Shelter provides twenty–four hour care to ensure youth have a short–term safe place to stay until transition to an appropriate placement takes place.   Florence Crittenton provides this service within a trauma informed and gender responsive environment.  Youth are provided support with immediate needs and also programming to build skills that will support youth in their transition to a long–term placement.    

Florence Crittenton Services believes each person is a biological, psychological, spiritual and social being. Each client is more than their medical and psychiatric diagnosis or set of behavioral problems. Every client is unique and has the ability to improve the quality of his/her life today and in the future with appropriate adult support, guidance and validation.

Florence Crittenton has made an organizational commitment to providing trauma informed care.  This commitment lends to services that incorporates the following three components:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an empirically supported skill building approach designed to increase regulation in various aspects of a youth’s life.  Florence Crittenton uses DBT to help youth increase emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and middle path thinking.  All of these skills can be helpful in transitioning to and maintaining a long term placement.  

The TLC TIER (Trauma Informed Effective Reinforcement) System for Girls is a female responsive, research–based model that offers an effective alternative to compliance–focused behavior management systems.  The TIER System for Girls utilizes approaches that are more effective in motivating positive behavior with girls than traditional points and level systems while also establishing a gender responsive, trauma–informed program culture.  The TIER System Framework focuses on three overarching themes of Myself, My Relationships, and My Community while responding to the youths needs through three fluid memberships Thinking, Learning, and Contributing.  

In addition to the daily TIER structure, youth are offered a variety of experiences including education, daily living activities, physical health activities, recreational and leisure activities, and skill building activities.  These activities will be offered both within the facility and off grounds in the Topeka community.

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