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I worked so hard here picking up the broken pieces of life.
Finally I am at a place where I have confidence and self
I tore down my walls and accepted compassion and criticism.
No matter where I go, the skills I learned at Florence Crittenton go with me.
Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program
Florence Crittenton PRTF program serves adolescent girls age 13–18 with major mental illnesses, substance abuse, and/or high risk behaviors requiring a structured and nurturing environment with active psychiatric treatment. Residents often have had multiple acute needs and have struggled to find their potential at lower levels of care thus leaving families feeling overwhelmed and helpless.
Residents often struggle with keeping themselves safe, interacting in the community, attachment in the family, and/or performance in school.  These difficulties may be a result of past trauma, strong feelings of anger, sadness, loss, or anxiety that becomes overwhelming.  The goal of participating in a treatment program is to promote not only symptom reduction, but also address the core issues that led to such distress.  Residents are empowered to learn new skills, find their strengths and achieve long term goals.


Clinical:  Assessment, Diagnostic Evaluation, Treatment Planning, Crisis Counseling, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy

Medical: Medication Evaluation and Management, Health Assessments, Health Education, Referral and Coordination with Community Based Doctors

Residential Care: Educational Services, Community Involvement, Recreational Activities, Volunteer Experiences, Daily Living Skills, Independent Living Skills, Parenting Education

Florence Crittenton Academy

Florence Crittenton Academy is a fully accredited USD 501 school with special education staff and services.

Staffing and Setting

The youth counselors provide continuing opportunities for residents to practice new DBT skills, try out new behaviors, experience limit setting and develop ongoing supportive relationships. These staff members are always present 24 hours per day and do the very important interactional work within the milieu.Our homelike setting is comfortable and nurturing with no more than 10 residents in a living unit with staffing that exceeds regulatory requirements. An on–site school uses a variety of teaching modalities to meet the needs of each individual student. Working together we provide opportunities for growth and support each resident in the development of tools and skills that can change the course of her life.

Criteria for Admission

Medical Necessity for Psychiatric Residential Treatment is determined through a screening process conducted by the identified Medicaid MCO or PRTF staff in instances where Medicaid is not currently a payment source.  For more information on how to access this screening process, please contact Florence Crittenton staff and we will help walk you through the process.


Daily rates for PRTF clients are determined in accordance with the state KanCare/Medicaid (CMS) plan and are adjusted on a semiannual basis.  Referrals are made through local community mental health centers where PRTF screens are carried out.  Screens determine authorization for this residential level of care and initial authorizations are 60 days with the option of extended authorizations at the discretion of the KanCare MCO.  While some private insurance companies pay a small percentage of PRTF service, our primary payer source is Medicaid funding.  Preauthorization through a PRTF screen automatically qualifies clients for medical necessity of Medicaid coverage.

Stress Management Clinic Class Schedules:
9/7-12     9/13-19

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