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Crittenton Family of Agencies
The 26 members of the Crittenton family of agencies operate across the country providing innovative, comprehensive,  gender and culturally responsive, trauma–informed and specific services grounded in research, respect and results in 31 states and the District of Columbia. The family of agencies range in annual budget size from $1.2 million to over $130 million and have served more than 10 million people since the beginning of the Crittenton social welfare movement in 1883.

While each agency is independent, they all share one common thread: they support and believe in the potential of all  girls and young women at the margin of the American dream. The majority of these girls and young women are survivors of child sexual, physical and emotional abuse or persistent neglect. Many grew up in homes marked by domestic violence and substance abuse and they continue to experience violence in their lives. As a result they bear the life–long burden of healing from trauma and face significant challenges like profound social isolation, addiction, depression and low educational achievement.

They also tend to live in rural and urban poverty; to be disproportionately young women of color; and many are young single mothers. Moreover, many are (or are at risk of involvement) in foster care, juvenile justice, are homeless or are engaged in or trafficked into commercial sexual exploitation.

With more than a century of working with girls, young women and their families living at the margin, experience has shown us that with the right opportunities and supports, intergenerational cycles of destructive behaviors and system reliance can broken. The Crittenton family of agencies provides these critical supports through a variety of programs and initiatives that meet the needs of the specific communities they serve.    

Read more at the National Crittenton Foundation website.

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